3 V102019 I Tel.: +49 7461-9652-0 NEONATAL & PEDIATRIC SURGERY Index COOLEY jaw/tip 2 rows of microscopic teeth DEBAKEY jaw/tip 1x2 rows of microscopic teeth CASTANEDA jaw/tip 1 row of microscopic teeth Legend This Reuchlen catalog is effective with October 2019. The content is exclusively for information purposes, can be changed without prior notice at any time and can not be seen as our obligation. The August Reuchlen GmbH grants no warranty or guarantee with regard to correctness and accuracy of the content in this catalog. Instrument design can be subject to change or modification without notice. © Copyright August Reuchlen GmbH ® , Tuttlingen, Germany All graphics are original size (100%) if not otherwise noted. Grey catalogue numbers are only available on request. Blue marked articles (RT) are also available in titanium. Overall length depends on jaw and handle style. All measurements, pressures and angles are typical and may vary due to production. Diethrich DeBakey Bulldog Diethrich Non-Traumatic Bulldog Micro Bulldog, Weldon (Glover) Mini Bulldog DeBakey Neonatal Ultralight Clamp Cooley Neonatal Ultralight Clamp Castaneda Neonatal Clamp DeBakey Ring Handle Bulldog, Mini-Gregory Clamp Contractor Bailey Baby, Thorax Retractor Selman Cooley Pediatric Clamp Cooley Pediatric Vascular Clamp, Cooley Anastomosis Clamp Cooley Pediatric Clamp Cooley Spoon-Shaped Clamp, Cooley Derra Clamp Cooley Clamp Kartchner Carotid Clamp, DeBakey Clamp Cooley Kitzmiller Pediatric Clamp, Cooley Martinez Clamp DeBakey Pediatric Clamp DeBakey Vascular Clamp, DeBakey Glover Coarctation Clamp DeBakey Peripheral Vascular Clamp, Eriksson-Stille DeBakey Carotid Clamp Gregory Profunda Clamp, DeBakey Bainbridge Clamp Leland-Jones Clamp, Castaneda Pediatric Clamp Instrumentation Supplies 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 15 16 17 20 21 22 23 24 28 29 30 31 32