14 V102018 Length Details Screw Driver RK 6010K 200mm Screw driver for distraction screws Tappet-Fusion Bone Tamp RK 6020K 200mm 8“ Ø 3mm Tapper for the fine positioning of the graft and for can- cellous bone plasty RK 6021K Ø 5mm RK 6022K Ø 8mm Bone Graft Holder and Impactor RK 6024K 218mm 8,25“ 6x15mm RK 6025K 6x12mm Twist Drill RK 6012 133mm Ø 1,7mm for pre-boring holes for distraction screws Distraction Screw RK 6007 66mm 12mm tip to be used with vertebral distractors (p. 13) RK 6014 68mm 14mm tip RK 6016 70mm 16mm tip RK 6018 72mm 18mm tip Supplies Orders: Email: - Tel.: +49 7461 - 9652-0 - Fax: +49 7461 - 9652-50