V102018 Orders: Email: - Tel.: +49 7461 - 9652-0 - Fax: +49 7461 - 9652-50 3 MCCULLOCH RETRACTOR SYSTEM Index McCulloch Titanium (anodized blue) Titanium Retractor, jointed arms 4 Titanium Blades 4 McCulloch Stainless Steel (black) Retractor Frame, jointed arms 5 Retractor Frame, rigid arms 5 Narrow Muscle Blade 20mm 6 Wide Muscle Blade 27mm 6 Hook Blades 7 Special Cervical Blade 20mm 7 Thin Muscle Blade 17mm 7 Xtra Thin Blade 10mm 7 Instrumentation Supplies Angled, Ball-Tipped Probes 8 Angled Manipulation Hook 8 Osteotomes 8 Suction Tube 9 Cobb-Type Elevators 9 Double-Ended Blunt Elevator 9 Nerve Root Retractor 9 Trays / McCulloch Set 10 To meet your specific needs modifications are available upon request. Common modifications include: individual marking, logo, UDI, ... i This Reuchlen catalog is effective with October 2018. The content is exclusively for information purposes, can be changed without prior notice at any time and can not be seen as our obligation. The August Reuchlen GmbH grants no warranty or guarantee with regard to correctness and accuracy of the content in this catalog. Instrument design can be subject to change or modification without notice. © Copyright August Reuchlen GmbH, Tuttlingen, Germany