Atraumatic vascular clamps and Cardiovascular surgery

The minimal invasive cardiac surgery has become an advantageous method to the open cardiovascular surgery. We offer our customers a wide range of modular instruments and equipment for various procedures in cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery. The August Reuchlen portfolio also includes instruments for neonatal and pediatric surgery, for the treatment of newborn, children and young people. Some of our stainless steel instruments are also available in titanium.

Häkchen  Bulldogclamps with fine toothing in standard and mini
Häkchen  insert clamps
Häkchen  thoracic spreaders
Häkchen  Cooley Neonatal clamps
Häkchen  Debakey Neonatal clamps
Häkchen  dilators
Häkchen  anatomic forceps


▪ All instruments are surgical stainless steel unless otherwise specified.
▪ You can find the instructions for use for the August Reuchlen instruments here: August Reuchlen Manuals - Downloads.
▪ There is a minimum order quantity for certain products.


Cardiovascular forceps I DeBakey extra delicate ForcepsDeBakey TC ForcepsDeBakey standard Forceps straightDeBakey standard Forceps angledDeBakey parallel Forceps I Cooley ForcepsFinochietto Micro Neonatal Thorax SpreaderTitanium Mini Thorax SpreaderCooley Clarke infant Thorax Spreader I Finochietto Baby Thorax SpreaderBaby-Haight Thorax SpreaderFinochietto Thorax SpreaderMorse blackened SpreaderMorse Thorax SpreaderKarlin RetractorKarlin RatchetKarlin standard BladesKarlin universal BladeKarlin universal OtherKarlin special offset BladesChaux IMAFrench IMACarpentier mitral Valve Thorax SpreaderSternal Blade for Carpentier Thorax SpreaderDeBakey Thorax SpreaderDeBakey Blades for Thorax DeBakey SpreaderDubost small Thorax SpreaderDeBakey Thorax SpreaderDubost medium Thorax SpreaderDubost BladesCooley type Blades for Thorax Dubost SpreaderCooley Thorax Spreader for infantsBirnbaum Thorax SpreaderAnkeney Thorax SpreaderQuervain Thorax SpreaderContainer for DilatorsCooley DilatorGarret DilatorMosquito very delicate ClampHolle short ligature ForcepsHolle ligature ForcepsMixter delicate model ClampMixter ClampHarrington ClampFeatherlight Bulldog I Applying ForcepsWeldon Glover Mini BulldogJacobson BulldogGlover BulldogMueller Bulldog Cooley BulldogMini-Cooley-GloverCooley BulldogDiethrich non-traumatic BulldogDiethrich DeBakey cross-action BulldogDeBakey BulldogGregory bulldogSantulli cross-action BulldogCooley ultralight ClampSelman Cooley ClampPediatric blood vessel ClampCooley Pediatric Clamp I Cooley Kitzmiller ClampCooley Martinez ClampCooley peripheral pediatric vascular ClampCooley patent ductus Clamp

Diethrich DeBakey BulldogDiethrich Non-Traumatic BulldogMicro BulldogWeldon (Glover) Mini BulldogDeBakey Neonatal Ultralight Titan ClampCooley Neonatal Ultralight ClampCastaneda Neonatal ClampMini-Gregory ClampDeBakey Ring Handle BulldogThorax RetractorSelman Cooley Pediatric ClampCooley Pediatric Vascular ClampCooley Anastomosis ClampCooley Pediatric ClampCooley Spoon-Shaped ClampCooley ClampCooley Derra ClampCooley Kitzmiller Pediatric ClampCooley Martinez ClampKartchner Carotid ClampDeBakey ClampDeBakey Pediatric ClampDale ClampDeBakey Glover Coarctation ClampDeBakey Vascular ClampDeBakey Peripheral Vascular ClampDeBakey Bainbridge ClampGregory Profunda ClampLeland-Jones ClampCastaneda Pediatric ClampForceps


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