Cooley – Instruments for cardiovascular surgery

The typical feature of the atraumatic surgical instruments is the design of the jaw. The unique serration and arrangement of the teeth makes the jaw of Cooley instruments so special. The single or double serration allows the tissue or organs to be injured as little as possible during surgery. There are different variations of jaw surfaces:

Who created it?

The surgeon with Heart: Denton A. Cooley - VITA:

- studied medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and the John Hopkins University School of Medicine
- 1950: finished residency, work in London, collaboration with cardiac surgeon Lord Russell Brock
- 1951: worked in Houston as Associate Professor of Surgery at the Baylor College of Medicine, collaboration with Michael Ellis DeBakey
- 1968: first heart transplant

(text source: Wikipedia)

Instruments Made in Germany - How did the August Reuchlen company come to Cooley?

The cooperation with William Merz, former instrument maker and later Vice President of V. Mueller in Chicago, and August Reuchlen began far before the introduction of the Cooley clamps in the late 1960s. After Merz chose the August Reuchlen company in Tuttlingen for the complex production of the Debakey, Mueller-Markham and Glassman serrations, which are also atraumatic, Reuchlen also became involved in the manufacturing of the Cooley clamps. In order to produce the fine toothing, it was necessary to purchase new machines. At this time, the August Reuchlen company was the only company that produced Cooley for V. Mueller.
Interesting side note: Before the surgical devices manufactured so far, known by the V. Mueller catalog, went into circulation, Dr. Cooley himself tested the instruments on his own operating table. This process, in consultation with William Merz and August Reuchlen, resulted in frequent re-adjustment and fine-tuning of the serrations.

Cooley, Made in Germany - Made in Tuttlingen. Even today, we produce atraumatic instruments for surgeons worldwide, such as:

- clamps
- forceps
- retractors

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(text and image source: August Reuchlen GmbH)


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