Thoracic, MICS/VATS


Clamps, scissors, suction tubes for thoracic surgery

You are looking for surgical instruments for the videoassisted surgical technique (VATS) and minimal invasive cardiac surgery (MICS)? Compared to conventional surgery the minimal incisions reduce surgical trauma significantly. The August Reuchlen MICS / VATS range guarantees excellent quality and allows the surgeon to concentrate completely on its work and surgical technique. For safe storage or cleaning of your instruments, we offer you a sterile tray with matching inserts.

Häkchen  Foerster Grasping clamps
Häkchen  Sliding clamps
Häkchen  Suction Tubes


▪ All instruments are surgical stainless steel unless otherwise specified.
▪ You can find the instructions for use for the August Reuchlen instruments here: August Reuchlen Manuals - Downloads.
▪ There is a minimum order quantity for certain products.


    Perfect for measuring and for the safe storing of your MICS/VATS instruments:


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