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Retractors, blades, supplies for spine surgery

Diseases of the spine present a complex challenge in surgery and can be treated much more gently with a minimally invasive method. We are specialized in three spreading systems: the Scoville System, the McCulloch System and the Caspar-Reuchlen Cervical System (RCS).

Häkchen  CASPAR for cervical vertebrae and lumbar spine

The Caspar retractor system from August Reuchlen offers a minimally invasive solution for surgery on the cervical and lumbar spine. The instruments adapt easily to the anatomy of the patient thanks to the double-arm joint retractors. Longitudinal retractors make it possible to change the blades, which can be fixed in any desired position, even during an operation. A fenestrated version complements the blades available in steel, PEEK and titanium and offers an optimal view of the spine on X-ray images. A black TiAIN coating on the lumbar specula spreaders guarantees a longer service life. The set is supplemented by sharp distraction screws in various lengths, which replace the need for pre-drilling.

- Retractors also available with black coating
- Large selection of retractors in various materials such as steel, PEEK, titanium

Häkchen  McCulloch for intervertebral disc diseases

The McCulloch retractor system from August Reuchlen with its simple, durable and flexible retractor design is an optimal instrument for spinal surgery and guarantees a surgically precise procedure. The rack mechanism of the retractors is easy for the surgeon to operate with secure retraction and precise fine adjustment. With a wide selection of blades in various shapes and sizes, the set is easy to handle, economic thanks to its versatile application options and can be used for patients with a wide range of anatomies.

- Black TiAIN coating prevents light reflections
- Rack and pinion mechanism for secure retraction and precise fine adjustment
- available in steel and titanium
- various retractors with a wide selection of valves

Häkchen  Scoville


▪ All instruments are surgical stainless steel unless otherwise specified.
▪ You can find the instructions for use for the August Reuchlen instruments here: August Reuchlen Manuals - Downloads.
▪ There is a minimum order quantity for certain products.


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