Declaration of conformity Article 120 MDR

Quality Management System
ISO 13485:2016

China Registration
Needle Holder Class I,
permanently valid

China Registration
Forceps Class I,
permanently valid

China Registration
Retractors Class I,
permanently valid

China Registration
Cardiovascular Clamps Class II,
valid until 07.07.2029


Simplification of customs:

AEO certificates serve to affirm the trustworthiness of companies within the international supply chain.
As an Authorised Economic Operator, the August Reuchlen GmbH demonstrates its status as an accredited economic participant (AEO).
AEOC 111877, Directorate General Customs and Taxation © European Union, 2007-2011

The status of authorised economic operator granted by one Member State is recognised by the other Member Stats. This does not automatically allow AEO to benefit from simplifications provided for in the customs rules in the other Member States. However, other Member States should grant the use of simplifications to authorised economic operators if they meet specific requirements and without re-examining criteria that have been already checked.


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