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MDR and FDA compliant:

Direct Part Marking in medical technology

Our camera-based laser inscription device allows for an exact positioning of your inscription and UDI (based on GS1 or HIBC). Human Readable DPM and Data Matrix are possible here. GS1-UDIs can be reliably checked and verified in our house before delivery by means of a camera system for legibility and compliance with all the necessary requirements. This technology ensures safe compliance with all legal requirements to ensure full and global traceability of the instrument.

    On request, we are happy to apply the following customized laser marking:

    Häkchen  signs und serial number
    Häkchen  date specification
    Häkchen  batch code
    Häkchen  data matrix, bar code, etc.
    Häkchen  international character set
    Häkchen  ISO compliant UDIs


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